E-wallet platform for market innovators

Zippie’s e-money wallet activates a world of opportunities to help you disrupt and lead. Are you ready?

Generate new business opportunities with Zippie's peer-to-peer transaction platform

Whether for customers or for internal operations, bypass all middle-men and enjoy the speed and cost-savings of your own direct transaction channel. Sending money is as easy as sending a WhatsApp message.

Tired of reward systems that are impossible to understand or simply do not work? Zippie’s new generation reward system is the ultimate loyalty tool based on simplicity and versatility.

Hard to engage sellers in partnering up? Zippie’s solution makes the barriers disappear so you can focus on supporting the network, not in convincing new members.

Zippie is powered by leading blockchain technology which ensures the uptime of the Zippie network and execution of transactions in a flawless and secure manner.

New generation reward systems


The Zippie e-wallet is built to support new generation reward programs that speed up user acquisition, improves engagement and activates retention by providing a scheme that is easy to understand and manage. Zippie wallet users can receive points for purchases and referrals, and these can be redeemed as mobile internet airtime or discount vouchers. New rewards can be tailor-made depending on your industry and needs. Have a different reward? Not a problem. Zippie teams up to create the type of rewards that fits your needs.

Free & instant cross-border transactions

Sending value

Gain competitive advantage with Zippie’s e-money* wallet infrastructure and enable your own, free, secure and instant value transfer gateway. Yes, that means you will save time and money since you no longer need to adhere to the traditional systems and players that currently provide the service. Your customers can send value simply by sharing a message with WhatsApp or other messenger, without needing to download a wallet app.

* Through licensed e-money providers

DIY sales partner networks


Zippie wallet's person-to-person functionality enables secure and instant activation of reseller networks where all levels of referrers profit in some degree. By eliminating all middle men from the value-chain, both the seller and reseller can enjoy a level of profit-sharing that would be impossible in traditional network models. The solution is suitable especially for businesses in many emerging markets where traditional financial tools are non-existent.

Easy to take into use


Zippie provides easy to use APIs, comprehensive documentation, and integration support to your team to integrate Zippie wallet with your brand within weeks. You can view and optimize performance through your own dashboard.

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